On September 29, 1956 the host Nara Slepchyan announced the arrival of Public Television.

The experimental period of Public Television lasted until February 1957; the official opening took place on February. Broadcasts were aired four times a week and lasted 2 hours.

On August 6, 1957 the list of Public TV broadcasts was supplemented with “Shabatva Norutinner” (Weekly News) newscast which in February 1958 became regular. At that time the TV news editorial board was created as well.

In 1970s the broadcasting area of Public TV spread beyond Yerevan. The first TV broadcasts outside the capital were aired in Armenian towns Ghapan, Kajaran, Sisian, Ghukasian, Amasia. Since 1978 half of these broadcasts had been airing in color.

On November 29, 1977 a new TV tower of 311.7 m in height and the “Orbita-2” space communications station started working. The average duration of broadcasts reached 12 hours. In those years, there were nearly 500 000 TV sets in Armenia, 100 000 of which were color.

In 1960s-70s the TV broadcasting scope was enriched with operas and ballets, also the Symphonic Orchestra of Public Television and Radio conducted by Ohan Duryan was created.

In 1990 crucial political changes took place in the country, the censorship of television was abolished, entertaining shows increased. “Haylur” (Armnews) newscast anchored by Tigran Naghdalyan was started.

In 1990s “Im Erkrord Mayre” (original - Mi Segunda Madre) dubbed into Armenian was aired for the first time.

In November 1996 the 40th anniversary of Armenian television was celebrated as an important event. The broadcast “Orakarg” (Agenda) authored by Tigran Naghdalyan went on the air. The TV studio “Art 13”, broadcast “Zinuzh” (Armed Forces) were created.

Since 1999 Armenian television started broadcasting via satellite.

In 2000 Public TV Company was renamed with a logotype «Հ1».

In 2002 the first virtual studio in the country was created.

In 2005 Public Television Company of Armenia and Radio became full members of European Broadcasting Union.

In 2008 broadcasting of Latin American serials as well as of a number of shows decreased, then ceased. Among the first Armenian serials was “Vorber” (Orphans), then – “Anna”. The feature films “Mi Vakhetsir” (Don’t Be Afraid), “Vochinch Chi Mna” (Nothing Will Stay), Spanvatz Aghavnin (Killed Pigeon), Khachagoghi Hishatakarane (Diary of a Cross-Stealer), “Artist” were made.